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Uninterrupted Power Solutions for Home and Industry

Generac, the #1 selling brand of home backup generators, offers a range of advanced power solutions for residential and industrial applications. A permanently installed Generac home backup generator operates automatically, providing an uninterrupted power supply during outages. Powered by natural gas or liquid propane (LP), these units resemble central air conditioning units and deliver electricity directly to your home's electrical system, ensuring essential items remain powered. Generac is a leading energy technology company specializing in power grid solutions. Learn more about Generac generator services below.

Driving Sustainable Innovation

Generac's unwavering commitment to sustainability drives the development of innovative products set to transform the 21st-century electrical grid. Our cutting-edge backup power systems promise cleaner and more efficient energy, paving the way for a sustainable future.

Pioneers in Standby Power Solutions

As the pioneer in affordable home standby generators since its founding in 1959, Generac has earned its reputation as the #1 manufacturer in the industry. From developing the first engine tailored for generator use to offering the widest range of power products, including portable, residential, commercial, and industrial generators, Generac leads the market with innovation and reliability. Additionally, Generac is the foremost designer and manufacturer of manual and fully automatic transfer switches and accessories for backup power applications up to 2 MW.

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